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Adapting To Climate Change; Flood Insurance

Andrew Naylor

Adapting to Climate Change

Over the last few decades climate change has moved from speculation to reality in many  American’s minds, as average global temperatures continue to rise, and the world witnesses deeper droughts, wilder hurricanes and so-called “floods of the century” that seem to now  happen every couple of years.  Although scientists remain dedicated to slowing or even reversing the change, there’s another group also warning of our need to adapt: to build higher bridges, sturdier culverts, and change home insurance plans to adjust to these  new realities.  Now new numbers from UNH show just how much warmer and wetter the Granite State could become- as climate researchers here bring their work out of the ivory tower to help communities prepare.


Flood Insurance

As floods become more of a threat, more people may need flood insurance.   But there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the federal flood insurance program. For the last part of our program, we're looking at this issue with an AP reporter who has covered the issue.


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