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A Granite State Take On The National Gay Marriage Debate

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As the U.S. Supreme court hears two cases concerning same-sex marriage this week, we’ll get reaction from New Hampshire people involved in this issue.  Our state is among the nine which allow same-sex couples to marry.  We’ll talk with those involved in making this happen and those who believe it was the wrong choice.


Jim Splaine - Former Democratic state representative and state senator from Portsmouth and lead sponsor of the state’s same-sex marriage law, which passed in 2009. Civil unions had been legal in the state since January 2008. New Hampshire is among nine states where same-sex marriage is legally recognized.

David Bates - Former Republican Representative from Windham, who led an effort to repeal same-sex marriage last year. His bill, which was defeated, would have replaced gay marriage with the civil unions law.

John Greabe - Professor of Law at the UNH School of Law, where he teaches Constitutional Law, among other subjects.