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The Exchange

Privatizing Prisons: The Pros and Cons

Tim Pearce, Los Gatos via Flickr

This year, there’s been a lot more talk about New Hampshire going the route of as the Governor and others explore the idea of private companies running our corrections institutions.  But questions remain -- about the rehabilitation of prisoners, inmate and employee safety, and whether, in the end, the cost savings would be enough to make this shift worthwhile.


Harris Kenny: policy analyst, Reason Foundation

Eric Lotke: senior research analyst for the Service Employees International Union Public Division

Also joining us:

Sylvia Larsen: Concord Democrat and New Hampshire Senate Minority Leader and chair of the Interagency Coordinating Council for Women Offenders.

Andy Sanborn: Republican candidate for State Senate. He represented Henniker in the Senate until resigning in June in order to run in his home district of Bedford. While in the Senate, he supported efforts to develop a plan for privatizing the State Department of Corrections.