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Special Program
Updates about new and special programming and changes to NHPR's program schedule.

Special Programming: The Takeaway: Politics with Amy Walter


Beginning Saturday, October 17, NHPR will start airing The Takeaway: Politics with Amy Walter on Saturdays, from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. The program brings recent trends in politics to listeners and will air through at least Election Day.

The Takeaway is a daily national audience-focused news program from NHPR’s public media partners, WNYC and PRX. The program features critical conversations, live reports from the field, and listener participation. Aired across America, The Takeaway encourages listeners to submit questions that later help to shape on-air discussions. Amy Walter is the host of Friday’s editions of The Takeaway which focuses on politics.

For more than 20 years, Amy Walter has built a reputation as an accurate, objective, and insightful political analyst with unparalleled access to campaign insiders and decision-makers. Amy has contributed to election night coverage and analysis since 1998 and was a member of CNN’s Emmy-award winning election night team in 2006. Listeners may know Amy from her work with Cook Political Report and the PBS NewsHour. Every week in her podcast and national program, Amy goes beyond the frenetic breaking news headlines for a deeper understanding of how Washington works, who’s pulling the levers of power and how it all impacts our nation at the end of the day. This past February, Amy came to NHPR to broadcast her program from New Hampshire, reporting on the lead-up to the New Hampshire Primary.

The Takeaway: Politics with Amy Walter is a partnership of some of the global news leaders. It is a co-production of PRX and WNYC Radio.

NOTE: The program will air in the time slot usually reserved for The Best of Public Radio.