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'World Famous' Ruggles Mine Has New Owners

Sep 27, 2019

Credit Wikimedia Creative Commons

  Ruggles Mine, a former tourist attraction in Grafton, has a new owner. 

For decades, tourists from around the world visited the mine, where they'd hammer away, trying to find something shiny. But the mine closed in 2016 and has been for sale ever since.

Exciglow LLC, a production company formed by two men based in New York City, bought Ruggles for about $500,000.   

Doug Martin is a realtor with Keller Willams Realty. He says the sale was finalized on Sept. 24.

"[The new owner] plans on doing a major upgrade and open it back up again as a tourist attraction."

Martin says the new owners have been eyeing the mine for the past two-and-a-half years.

“Both of them have such vision. They were seeing things that other clients that looked at it couldn’t even begin to see because it’s such a unique property,” Martin said.  

The new owners have also been talking with local and regional colleges to get them involved for geology studies at Ruggles, according to Martin.

But before re-opening, the new owners will need to do some maintenance work and getting approvals necessary for the planned expansions.

The new owners could not be reached for comment on Friday.