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The Wolf in Our Backyards

Dec 27, 2016

The coyote is the stuff of legends, but author Dan Flores says those tales don't come close to capturing its incredible survival story.  We talk with Flores, the author of the new book "Coyote America" and trace the history of the coyote.  Flores calls it "a kind of Manifest Destiny in reverse" where, in the war between coyote and human, the coyote wins - hands down. 

This show originally aired on September 6, 2016. 


  • Dan Flores is the A. B. Hammond Professor Emeritus of Western History at the University of Montana.  In addition to "Coyote America," he is the author of ten books on aspects of western US history.

Historical range of the coyote.
In 2002, a coyote hopped on the light rail at the Portland, Oregon airport.

Coyotes Lament from Coyote Lament on Vimeo.

From Eric on Facebook: A coyote captured on the Hancock Wildlife cam in June.