Who wrote The Book of Drugs?

Apr 30, 2012

Mike Doughty’s 2005 album Haughty Melodic was a breakthrough for the singer-songwriter…before going solo, Doughty had founded and fronted the 90’s band Soul Coughing…which he disbanded in 2000, much to the chagrin of die-hard fans. But  there was a reason beyond the typical story of egos and bad record deals for that band’s demise…one that Doughty hints at in haughty melodic’s biggest hit, "Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well.”

Now, he’s told that story in a more narrative form, in a long-awaited memoir called The Book of Drugs, which chronicles his battle with addiction, and his hopeful road to recovery. He’s now on tour for the book, and he’ll be appearing this Friday at RiverRun Bookstore in Portsmouth, where he might also perform a few songs from his latest album, Yes and Also Yes.