When Gay TV Goes Straight

Mar 20, 2012

In the 1990’s, Brini Maxwell became a household name…at least in Manhattan, where the show dominated public access cable airwaves. The character was the alter ego of actor Ben Sander, a prototypical, pre-feminist, 1960’s homemaker…in drag. If Brini was emblematic of the gay counterculture media at the end of the twentieth century, 2003 brought a whole new brand of gay TV to the air…

Bravo’s hit “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” launched the trend of mainstreaming gay culture into pop culture. In 2005, Viacom launched Logo, an LGBT focused channel that, until recently, featured gays and lesbians at the heart of its programming, with shows like “Ru Paul's Drag Race” and “The Big Gay Sketch Show.” Logo’s most recent programming is different, however, a shift which Ad Age reporter Thomas Pardee finds emblematic of a disappearing gay niche in media.  

Here's a preview of one of Logo TV's new shows, "Eden Wood's World."