Van Ostern: State Should Raise (Or Eliminate) Net Metering Cap

Oct 26, 2015

Executive Councilor and Democratic candidate for N.H. Governor Colin Van Ostern
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

A Democrat running for governor is calling on New Hampshire to raise and possibly eliminate the limit on how much renewable power consumers can sell back to the state's utilities.

Under "net metering", consumers who use sources such as solar can earn credits for putting power back on the grid. The current limit in the state is 50 megawatts and the state's utilities are closing in on that figure.

Gubernatorial candidate Colin Van Ostern said Monday the state should immediately raise the cap and consider erasing it altogether.

State Sen. Jeb Bradley, the Republican majority leader, is submitting legislation to raise the cap while the state's Public Utility Commission figures out new rules governing net metering.

Renewable energy advocates applaud the efforts to lift the cap.