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Trump: I'm A Businessman, Not A Politician

Jun 18, 2015

Donald Trump
Credit NHPR

In his first visit to the state after announcing his candidacy for president, Donald Trump told a crowd in Manchester that because he's a businessman and not a politician, he’s the only one to solve the nation’s problems.

Speaking entirely off the cuff and at times riffing with the audience, Trump gave a wide-ranging, 40-minute talk in front of a packed auditorium. He said currency devaluation in China makes export prices too low for American businesses to compete and that means jobs lost. He also focused on jobs when he turned to immigration and plans for a new Ford car plant in Mexico.

“They’re gonna hire other people. And the other people are gonna go out and make cars and they’re gonna drive them over the border. And I had an idea the other day. I said, ‘Why don’t we just let the illegals drive the cars over the border. You know they’re coming over anyway.”

Trump then reiterated an earlier promise to build a wall along the Mexican border, one that he wants Mexico to pay for.

The real estate mogul said he plans to make former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal email files an issue during the campaign.