Sununu Signs Executive Order to Streamline Services for Veterans, Military Families

Feb 15, 2018

Following his State of the State speech this morning, Governor Chris Sununu signed an executive order that aims to streamline services for New Hampshire's military veterans and their families.

The executive order would create a single point of contact for veterans seeking state services. It also gives the state's Adjutant General more authority to coordinate the efforts of the state's existing resources.

Paul Lloyd is adjutant of the New Hampshire VFW. He says he's happy this order has been signed - in part, because it'll enable the state's Adjutant General David Mikolaities to lobby for more money for veterans services.

"When it comes time to argue about the budget, they'll have a one-star General (Mikolaities) helping them get their budget that they need," Lloyd says.
An earlier bill in the House aimed to streamline services for veterans by creating a new Department of Military and Veterans Affairs - with a new commissioner position.  But that bill was referred to interim study last week.