Sununu Promises To Renew Push For 'Marsy's Law' After Failure Earlier in Year

Oct 4, 2018

Credit josh rogers / nhpr

Governor Chris Sununu says he plans to renew his push to enact the victims rights constitutional amendment known as Marsy's Law. Lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected the measure earlier this year.

Marsy's Law had several things going for it: Bipartisan support from top lawmakers, a governor who endorsed it, more than a dozen lobbyists working the State House, and lots of cash from California tech billionaire Henry Nicholas.

But Marsy's Law was sharply rejected by the New Hampshire House.

At the time, Governor Sununu blamed its failure on the advocates pushing it. But as he announced plans Thursday to again push Marsy's Law, he offered a new postmortem:  that the policy's opponents  -- who were heavily outspent by Marsy's Law backers -- were too strong.

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"I wanted that constitutional amendment. Well, the ACLU got involved and just crushed it. I wish other people stood up for it. I'm going to do it again. I knew it was a tough battle. I'm going to do it again. That's OK."

Five states now have versions of Marsy's Law on the books. Another six states will vote on Marsy's Law ballot questions in November.