Some Franklin Residents, Businesses Looking for Solution to Homeless Encampment

Sep 10, 2018

Some residents and business owners in Franklin say they're fed up with a homeless encampment in the area.

Franklin Police are aware of a group of what ranges between roughly a dozen people or more camping on a hill and in surrounding woods near Trestle View Park.

Cathy Hubble runs a restaurant in Franklin and says she's recently decided to close earlier because of safety concerns.

"We think something should be done about it,” Hubble says. “It affects the downtown businesses and it affects the people who want to come into the downtown businesses.”

Last week, a group of about 20 concerned residents walked through the encampment in peaceful protest. Police were present and say there were no incidents during the meeting.

"The citizens that were involved in this apparently complained about finding open containers of alcohol, trash, used needles and syringes and what have you," Chief of Franklin Police David Goldstein says.  

Chief Goldstein says they've been working with city officials to find a solution since summer and will continue to monitor the area.

But Hubble says business owners are anxious for a solution.

“The general thing is that the people that are downtown with the businesses and apartment buildings are frustrated and nobody knows what can be done,” Hubble says.