Shaheen Goes After Brown On 'Women's Issues'

Sep 29, 2014

Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

Jeanne Shaheen kicked off her week of women’s themed events by collecting the endorsement of NARAL-Pro-Choice America PAC, and by telling reporters to take Scott Brown’s claims of having a pro-choice record with a grain of salt.

“He can try and say all he wants to that he has been pro-choice. The fact is that’s not the way he vote when he was in Massachusetts – check his record – and that’s not the way he has voted in Washington.”

A campaign stop in Pembroke, where the emphasis was on jobs, Scott Brown several times described himself as pro-choice and said the criticisms from Shaheen amounted to smears.

“I have always felt very strongly – and my wife can verify this – about my position on women’s issues, I have a house full of women.”

Brown also defended two votes criticized by Shaheen. His called paycheck fairness act flawed and noted it was also opposed by female senators like Kelly Ayotte and Susan Collins. Brown also stood by his support for the Blunt amendment, which sought to allow employer with moral objections to opt out of the paying for contraception coverage.