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Seabrook Middle Schooler Charged for Shooting Threats

Sep 21, 2018

A Seabrook middle schooler has been criminally charged for threatening school violence.
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A middle school student in Seabrook has been criminally charged for making threats to "shoot up" his school.

The students' peers first reported the threats on Friday. On Monday, SAU 21 Superintendent Bill Lupini says that students returned with more detailed and serious reports.

School officials say they do not believe the school was in danger, but the student is not attending classes.

Police say the students' name and many details - including plans for returning to school - cannot be released because of juvenile privacy rules.

Superintendent Lupini says that even though the school is safe, the threats of violence have spurred concern and discussion.

"We've been asked to sort of engage the community about the kinds of things that are in place," he said. "The principle this afternoon is meeting with our 8th graders in a small group to have a conversation about what they're thinking during all of this and what have been their concerns."

The charged student will appear in court in Portsmouth.