Rescuers Help Stranded Hiker On Mount Washington | New Hampshire Public Radio

Rescuers Help Stranded Hiker On Mount Washington

May 27, 2015


Rescuers have come to the aid of a hiker who became stranded along a steep Mount Washington trail.

The U.S. Forest Service says Frank Tonioli of Halifax, Massachusetts, decided to leave a marked trail and climb some rocky terrain in the Huntington Ravine when he became stranded Monday. A partner dialed 911 and the Forest Service received word that afternoon.

The Forest Service said Tonioli's location was in some of the most rugged, steep rock terrain on Mount Washington. Using a spotter with binoculars at the ravine base, rescuers were positioned above and below Tonioli, who had already spent hours on a tiny ledge.

A rescuer rappelled down to Tonioli, placed him in a climbing harness, and lowered him down to rescuers. They were off the mountain by 9 p.m.