The Real Romney

Mar 8, 2012

We know he's running for President and that he's become a household name. We know he ran unsuccessfully in 2008 as well. We know that he was Governor of Massachusetts and that he was behind a major health care bill that passed in that state. We know he's Mormon, Republican, good looking and has a great smile, but who is the 'real Romney'. Who is the Mitt Romney behind the campaign promises, debates, political ads and handshakes? What drives him, what were the events in his life that motivated him and why does he want to be President so badly? Two Boston Globe investigative reporters try to answer those questions, through thousands of interviews and years of following the Republican Presidential candidate. Today we talk to them about their new book, Real Romney.


  • Michael Kranish - Deputy chief of the Washington Bureau of The Boston Globe. 
  • Scott Helman - Staff writer and former Political editor at the Boston Globe.

                    (Both are co-authors of "The Real Romney")

Michael Kranish and Scott Helman will be speaking about their book, "The Real Romney" at St. Anselm College's Institute of Politics tonight at 6pm. Click here for more information