Putting Our Cursive Skills To The Test

Apr 23, 2015

The Word of Mouth team wondered just how well our primary school cursive instruction stuck many years later, so we decided to put it to the test. The same issues that plagued us as children, continue to come up as adults. Why does the capital cursive 'Q' look like the number '2'? Why does the lowercase 'z' look nothing like the letter 'z'? 

Feel like you need some tuning up on your cursive skills? Here's a comprehensive lesson plan

For some of us, our handwriting has evolved into a kind of shorthand for writing cursive, sometimes incorporating cursive letters into our print. Others use cursive for taking notes because it's just faster. But we'll let you be the judge, how does our cursive look? We've also included our current handwriting so you can see the difference.

If this is really what Virginia's cursive looked like in grade 3, we're betting she got high marks.
Maureen is the only one among us who still uses cursive on the regular.
After being cursed with a capital 'Q' in his last name, we think Taylor's handwriting looks better in its current form.
Logan usually got Cs in handwriting because she could never master that pesky slant.
We asked our digital producer Sara Plourde to give us a sample because her handwriting is the prettiest of them all.