Ohio Gov. John Kasich to N.H. Tech Firm: 'You Guys Are the Future'

Aug 4, 2015

A tour of a factory floor is a classic campaign stop for presidential candidates in New Hampshire. Ohio Gov. John Kasich continued that tradition in Manchester Tuesday -- with a modern twist.

The chic offices of Dyn in Manchester’s Millyard could easily be mistaken for a Silicon Valley firm. Computer screens adorn the walls, and there’s at least one arcade machine to be found. But Kasich, a Republican who often talks about his blue collar roots on the campaign trail, seemed perfectly comfortable during his tour. He even stopped long enough to play the company foosball table and gave a little golf swing advice on the indoor putting green.

Kasich touted Dyn as a model for how new companies can revitalize American city centers:

“This is the stuff that is so great. It’s the future. You guys are the future. So really cool.”

Credit Jason Moon / NHPR

Speaking with employees in the company cafeteria, Kasich also stressed a community approach to the state’s opioid crisis, encouraging the largely young audience to talk to their friends about drug use.