Northern New England States Launch New Road And Travel Portal For Drivers

Jul 2, 2016

Screenshot of New England Compass.

  New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont have launched a new system to provide drivers with real-time road and travel information.

The system, called New England Compass, pulls data from dispatchers, sensors, cameras and other sources to alert drivers to adverse road conditions throughout northern New England.

Drivers can visit a new website,, for updates.

Denise Markow of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation says drivers can also set up customized alerts for their regular routes.

"If you drive from home to work, home to the gym, or I have one built from home to the airport," Markow says. "Anytime there's an incident or any roadwork or any abnormal congestion that's going to be on that roadway, you can get an alert sent either to your phone or to your email."

The three state DOTs collaborated for about 3 years to build the system.

Markow says the next step is to work more closely with local police and responders to bring more information into the system.