N.H.'s Legislative Office Building Will Have New Space For Nursing Mothers

Jan 5, 2020

The lactation pod will be in the lower level of the Legislative Office Building in Concord.
Credit Sara Pereschino / NH State Legislature

State legislators, staff and members of the public will have an additional space to nurse or pump breast milk in the state house complex this year.

The legislative office building will have a lactation pod, which includes outlets for breast pumps and running water, in its lower level.

Nursing mothers can access the pod through an app or with an access code provided by State House staff.

The state house has had a designated lactation space for about year. 

Senate President Donna Soucy says having a spaces like these have been a long time coming. 

“I think it sends a good message to working families, to women who want to balance their careers, legislative responsibilities and care for their children,” she said.

In previous years there really wasn't a space for moms to nurse, she said. Some would go the restroom. Others would ask to use a private office.

"This creates that comfortable, private space that's dedicated to that sole purpose."

The pod cost about $17,000, and was paid for with the joint legislative branch funds.

The new, stand-alone pod will be available for legislators, staff and members of the public in the coming weeks.