N.H. Businesses React to FDA Crackdown on Vape Sales

Nov 16, 2018


The FDA has proposed big regulations on vape products and a ban on menthol cigarettes.
Credit Sarah Gibson for NHPR

New Hampshire stores that sell e-cigarettes are reacting to the Food and Drug Administration’s sweeping proposals to limit teen vaping.

The crackdown comes after a national report revealed a nearly 80 percent increase in the number of high-schoolers who vape.

The age minimim for buying vape juice and e-cigarette technology is 18, but many underage users get access to it.  

Under the New FDA rules, stores would only be able to sell flavored e-cigarettes in a separate, age-restricted room.

Amul Shah works at a gas station in Concord that, like many stores in New Hampshire, sells vaping products at the front register.

"If it's in a separate room, we don't have any space," he said. "We'll just remove all these things and we'll follow the rules."

 Shah says he's not worried about having to remove the products because they're not a huge percentage of the store's profit.   

Glen Cavanagh works at Vaporamas Manchester Vape & Smoke Shop. He says many companies are already shifting to online sales, where there is an age verification process to buy products.

He hopes the FDA rules will restore vaping to its original purpose: helping adults quit smoking.

"If someone's buying an e-cigarette at a gas station and all of a sudden they can't get it anymore they have to actually come to a vape shop with people that have an interest in seeing them quit smoking cigarettes." 

The FDA also proposed banning menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars.