New UNH Poll Shows Sununu Leading Kelly In Governor's Race

Oct 19, 2018

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Republican Governor Chris Sununu holds a comfortable lead over Democratic challenger Molly Kelly. That's according to a new UNH poll that finds Sununu ejoying stronger partisan support, but says Democrats are more motivated to vote.

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Fifty percent of those polled by UNH say they plan to vote for Sununu; 39 percent say they'll vote for Kelly.

The poll also found Sununu remains popular - particularly within the party. But 56 percent of all voters approve of the job he's doing.  And among the last four governors, only John Lynch had a higher average approval rating at this the same point in his governorship.

The poll found Kelly is still little-known to most voters. Almost half said they don't know enough about her to form an opinion.

That said, the poll also found Democrats edging Republicans when it came to their interest level in the election: 79 percent told pollsters they are very interested.

That's the highest number for Democrats in a midterm election since 2006, a year which saw the party take control of the state legislature and unseat two GOP members of Congress.