New Hampshire's Immigration Story: Immigration and Education (Rebroadcast)

Dec 28, 2011

In recent years, children are arriving from new countries, bringing diversity but also new challenges.  Many don’t speak English and some aren’t literate in their own language.  We talk with people in the education system and folks dealing with foreign born newcomers on a daily basis and ask how they are working to overcome these issues.


June Tumlin: Department Head of the English Learner program at Manchester Central High School

Thomas Sica: Principal of Rundlett Middle School in Concord

Amadou Hamady: social worker in the Manchester school system and coordinator of the refugee-school impact program which is administered by the International Institute of NH.

We’ll also hear from...

Marina Ilyuk: A Ukrainian refugee who came to Manchester Central High School in 2002. Currently she’s back doing a teaching internship at the EL department at Central.