New Hampshire's Hidden Coast: The Health Of Our Estuaries

Dec 15, 2017

An estuary is where freshwater rivers meet the ocean, making up a fragile yet vital eco-system for wildlife, fish, and people.  Now a new report on the Great Bay and Hampton-Seabrook Estuaries shows continuing trouble for this region, and introduces comprehensive strategies for keeping the area healthy. 


  • Ted Diers - Administrator for the Watershed Management Bureau at the N.H. Department of Environmental Services. 
  • Jennifer Perry - Public Works Director for Exeter.
  • Cory Riley - Reserve manager at the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.
  • Rachel Rouillard - Executive Director for PREP (Piscataqua Region Estuarine Partnership), which works to protect and preserve state estuaries including the Great Bay Estuary and the Hampton-Seabrook Estuary.