Mink, the Famous Hanover Bear, Makes Her Way Back Home

May 16, 2019

Mink was spotted in the town of Woodstock, Vermont -- less than 20 miles from Hanover -- earlier this spring.
Credit Courtesy of Patricia Campbell

After a nearly year-long journey, a black bear from Hanover has officially returned to her home range, according to Andy Timmins, bear project leader with New Hampshire Fish and Game.

Fish and Game relocated the bear, nicknamed Mink, near the Canadian border last year. That was after officials determined she had become too comfortable around humans to continue living in Hanover. 

A town resident had fed Mink for years, and she taught her cubs to seek out food from dumpsters and birdfeeders around town. 

Hanover officials worked with residents and property managers to remove food attractants, but problems continued.

Fish and Game officials at first planned to shoot Mink, knowing it was likely she would attempt to return to her home range.

But, responding to public outcry, Gov. Chris Sununu intervened. 

All told, Mink has now traveled thousands of miles, crossing Interstate 91 and the Connecticut River multiple times, wildlife officials say.