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MAP: Which N.H. Towns Mandate Masks?

Aug 7, 2020

Several New Hampshire cities and towns have adopted mandatory mask ordinances in recent weeks.
Credit Dan Tuohy/NHPR

New Hampshire is the only state in the region without a statewide mask mandate. Citing coronavirus transmission concerns, several New Hampshire communities have decided to require that face coverings be worn in public.

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Nashua was the first city to adopt a mask ordinance, back in May. Since then, a handful of other communities, including several of the state’s college towns, have passed similar mandates - most with fines attached for failing to comply. More towns are planning to vote on mask ordinances in the coming weeks. The CDC says cloth masks help prevent those with COVID-19 from spreading it to others, regardless of whether there is a local mandate or not.

For now, here's where masks are required across New Hampshire. We’ll update this map as other communities adopt those mandates.