Heat Wave to Wallop New Hampshire

Jul 1, 2018

National Weather Service reports high temps to be in mid- to high- 90s through Thursday, July 5.
Credit NWS

The heat index will be pushing 100 degrees in New Hampshire on Sunday, ushering in a hot and humid Fourth of July week.

Daytime temperatures will be sticking in the 90s through Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. It will only get hotter Monday and Tuesday.

Meteorologist Derek Schroeter says there's some relief on the immediate coast but even that will come to an end Tuesday when temperatures climb into the upper 90s in some places.

It's going to be an extended heat wave. Concord, New Hampshire, could see seven consecutive days of 90-degree weather for the first time in 16 years.

Over the weekend, cooling centers were opened across the region. Officials are urging residents to take advantage of those centers. Those who must be outside are advised to avoid prolonged exposure, take plenty of breaks and stay hydrated.