Hassan Joins Democrats At Statehouse Gun Sit-In

Jun 23, 2016

Credit josh rogers/nhpr

The state reps gathered in the house well. They mostly talked about how the nation needs to break the gridlock on the gun debate. Jackie Cilley represents Barrington.

"It is a war zone, and there are practical, sensible solutions that we can promulgate and legislators, nationally and in this state that will make it a little less so."

When Governor Hassan joined the sit in, she spoke briefly, but pointedly on guns.

"It is absolutely essential that we expand background checks, so that known and suspected terrorist can't buy guns at gun shows or online."

Afterwards, Hassan called the gun bill backed by Senator Kelly Ayotte, which would ban people on the no-fly list from buying guns, but would not expand background checks, as "better than nothing but not nearly enough."