Gearing Up For Another Gas Tax Debate

Jan 21, 2014

New Hampshire Transportation Commissioner Christopher Clement has long pointed out that when it comes to our infrastructure, we’re not doing too well. Nearly 40% of the state’s roads are considered in poor condition, and almost one hundred and fifty bridges are red listed. Although Clement remains ‘revenue agnostic’ over where the funding comes from, others have a clear idea: raising the gas tax, which hasn’t been raised in New Hampshire in over twenty years.  Supporters say this would be the most comprehensive and fair solution. But others say that this is the wrong time for a new tax and worry that some funds would be diverted away from roads.  Meanwhile there are other ideas on the table being tried in other states that may gain attention in the Granite State. 

Credit rob.ewart / Flickr Creative Commons


  • Candace Bouchard– Democratic State Representative from Concord and chairwoman of Transportation Committee. Sponsor of gas tax and alternative fuel tax bills.
  • Jeanie Forrester – Republican State Senator from Meredith and vice chair of the Public and Municipal Affairs and the Finance Committees.
  • Jaime Rall– transportation policy expert for the National Conference of State Legislatures, the national organization that represents the legislatures of every state. She is joining us from the NCSL headquarters in Denver, Colorado.


  • Brian Wallstin – NHPR’s digital journalist. He wrote an article this week looking at the gas tax question in N.H.