Franklin Pierce University Creates Institute Focused On Combating Climate Change

Nov 18, 2019

Credit courtesy of Franklin Pierce University

Franklin Pierce University is creating a new institute that’ll focus on combating climate change.

The Institute for Climate Action will focus on community outreach, education on campus, finding ways to make campus operations more sustainable and partnering with local organizations.

Last year’s report on climate change from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change spurred the creation of the institute. The report said that significant actions need to be taken in the next decade to curb the effects of climate change.

Catherine Owen Koning is a professor of environmental science and one of the co-coordinators of the institute. She says climate change is front of mind for a lot of students.

“They know this is the future, this is where not only where the jobs are, but this is what they need to work on to have a livable climate future,” she said.

Koning says she hopes to have internships with local organizations available to students interested in working on climate change available this spring.

The University has done energy efficiency work throughout campus, installing new windows and adding new insulation in buildings throughout campus.

“We’re hoping to step up our game and do more green energy types of things,” Koning said.