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Conway Looks to Arm Police with Taser Guns

Nov 23, 2018


The cost of Taser guns for the Conway Police would be app. $17,000 per year.
Credit Flickr, Courtesy of christopdesoto

The Conway Police Department is asking for funding to arm its officers with Taser guns.


Many police departments in New Hampshire already use Taser guns, which pause a suspect by stunning them with an electric shock.


Edward Wagner, Conway's Chief of Police, says changes in policing and conversations with Axon, the company selling the Tasers, have convinced him it's time for a change.


"The days of going hands on with suspects throwing blows, throwing punches, and kicks or whatever else is pretty much gone," he says.


The annual pricetag for the Taser equipment, training, and certification in Conway is $17,280. The contract with Axon would last for five years.

Andrew Shagoury, President of the N.H. Chiefs of Police, says Taser guns carry a risk.

"Like any tool, they are not always effective when used and there are times they are not appropriate," he wrote in an email. "When they are deployed and are effective they are great for minimizing potential for injury to officers and the person."