In Closing: Christie, Kasich, and Bush Promise to 'Shine,' 'Get Dirty,' and Unite

Feb 8, 2016

Would-be Presidents are making their final pitches to New Hampshire voters in advance of tomorrow's presidential primary. GOP candidates are crisscrossing the state in the final push.

Governor Chris Christie told voters in Hampstead to recall the final presidential debate as they decide who to vote for.

"And when the lights get really bright, and you are getting tested. You either shine or you melt. When you are sitting in the oval office we do not want a president who will melt."

Ten minutes up the road in Windham, Ohio Governor John Kasich assured a questioner that he has he mettle needed "get dirty" if necessary.

"I'm a nice guy but I'm going to tell you something you don't want to me with me. I'm a likeable guy and a positive guy but don't get in my face.

Marco Rubio, meanwhile, used a stop in Concord to stress his electability.

"No one can bring this party together quickly or stronger than I can. Nobody left in this race for sure."

Candidates will continue courting voters until the polls close tomorrow night.