Clinton Puts Sanders' Congressional Record Under Political Microscope

Jan 14, 2016


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
Credit Kate Brindley for NHPR

Bernie Sanders casts himself as the voice of anti-establishment politics. But he's also a 25-year veteran of Congress.

Democratic rival Hillary Clinton is trying to draw attention to Sanders' record on gun control and health care. The strategy aims to point out the rare inconsistencies in his voting record that could clash with the anti-establishment brand he's cultivated during the presidential campaign.

Clinton says in an interview with NBC's "Today" that Sanders was a "pretty reliable vote for the gun lobby." And her campaign pressed Sanders to release financial details of how he would pay for his plans to create a single-payer health care system through Medicare.

Sanders campaign says Clinton is flip-flopping after saying in 2008 that it "undermined core Democratic values" to attack each other's health care plans.