Cleaning Crew Attempts To Clear Encampment For Unhoused People In Manchester | New Hampshire Public Radio

Cleaning Crew Attempts To Clear Encampment For Unhoused People In Manchester

Jun 8, 2021

A cleaning crew arrives at The Bucket, an encampment lived in by unhoused people, in Manchester. Activists and residents have brought city officials a list of demands, which included a request for more warning before being required to leave a space.
Credit Cameron Johnson

People experiencing homelessness, police, activists and city officials met at an encampment in Manchester on Tuesday.  A cleaning crew brought in by the city was attempting to clear the camp, known as “The Bucket,” on Douglas Street.

Julio Gonzalez has been living at The Bucket for about four months. He says it’s frustrating to be uprooted.

”They want to throw us out, for whatever reason, they do,” Gonzalez says. “And now we have to find another place, so we can stay safe [...] which is hard for us.”

Residents and activists have presented the city with a list of demands, including asking for more warning before having to vacate and the right to stay outside rather than be forced into a shelter.

"Some people don't want to be inside,” resident George Theberge says. “So if they want to come to an encampment like this, or a community, [the city] could give us that option. Don't force us to go into a shelter."

NHPR News has spoken with the director of homeless initiatives in Manchester, Schonna Green. She visited the camp on Tuesday and says the city is working with residents to find a solution. She’s scheduled to speak with All Things Considered’s Peter Biello on Wednesday.