Broadband Development in the Granite State

Mar 14, 2017

Broadband, which connects homes, businesses, and schools to high speed internet, has been developing throughout the state, including in rural areas for several years. Which areas are still lacking access, and why? What is the importance of providing proper internet access to schools and places where businesses will develop? We'll delve into how broadband infrastructure works, and where it is working, in New Hampshire.


  • Carol Miller - Director of Broadband Technology for the Division of Economic Development, which is part of the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED).
  • Ellen Scarponi - Senior Director of Economic Development at FairPoint Communications, she is based in New Hampshire.
  • Brian Shepperd - Director of Broadband Services for UNH.
  • Scott Valcourt -  Director of Strategic Technology at UNH, and principal investigator of Network New Hampshire Now.

Additional Reading And Information:

I Want Broadband NH is a resource from the New Hampshire Broadband Mapping and Planning Program, which determined which areas of the state have which broadband capabilities, and also provides information about how much internet access is necessary for different uses. You can read about past and current projects, and also find out the speeds for your area. 

The Broadband Center of Excellence at UNH provides information regarding the comprehensive research and goals of broadband development throughout the state. 

New Hampshire Broadband Learning Resources includes further information about broadband technology throughout New Hampshire. 

A recent article from the Keene Sentinel, "One more change for Legislature to make broadband available" discusses current legislation that would allow communities to work together to find access. 

FairPoint Communications offers information for customers about their service and what might be available to them.