Breaking Down the House: An Interactive Demographic Map of the N.H. Legislature

Apr 10, 2017

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How many retirees represent Merrimack County in the Legislature? What percentage of state reps are under the age of 35? And how does the State House's male/female ratio vary by political party?

The makeup of the New Hampshire House of Representatives has a major impact on daily life in the state. After all, these are the people who make the laws that govern us.

You can get to know your lawmakers a little better (and maybe understand why they vote the way they do) with our interactive graphic below. Click on any category to see how things break down across the 400-member House. 

Please note that these numbers are accurate as of February 2017, with so many seats, the House can change a lot over the course of two years.

Interactive: Click on the demographic filter you'd like to view