Bipartisan N.H. Support Shown for Proposed 'Marsy's Law' | New Hampshire Public Radio

Bipartisan N.H. Support Shown for Proposed 'Marsy's Law'

Jan 16, 2018

An outpouring of bipartisan support was shown at the State House on Tuesday for a bill to strengthen victims’ rights.

In front of a purple sign, reading “Equal Rights for New Hampshire Crime Victims,” Governor Chris Sununu voiced his support for a bill that would change the state’s Constitution.

Under the proposed measure, crime victims in New Hampshire would have the right to be notified of all court proceedings and even the right to be heard on sentencing and parole matters.

Sununu says it is time New Hampshire joins the 35 other states that already have what's called Marsy's Law.

“We are all familiar with the so-called Miranda Rights that are provided for defendants but unfortunately there’s not many people that can quote the rights of the victims and their families.”

Attorney General Gordon MacDonald also voiced his support. “All victims of crime deserve to be treated with dignity and respect – their rights should be protected throughout the entire criminal justice process,” he said.

Leadership in both the House and Senate are backing the bill. But it will also need the support of voters in November to become part of the Constitution.