Bills To Outlaw E-Cigarettes, Flavored Vaping Products Go Before N.H. House Committee

Jan 15, 2020

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Bills to outlaw e-cigarettes and ban all flavored vaping products, save for menthol, went before a New Hampshire House committee today.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, New Hampshire teens vape at a rate that's nearly twice the national average, and lawmakers are looking hard at tightening standards. But people who sell vaping products turned out in force to oppose new restrictions.

Thomas Slaniack owns Raven Vapes in Tilton. He says outlawing flavors, let alone a total ban on e-cigarettes, will end poorly.

"My store has helped hundreds if not thousands of people to quit smoking cigarettes, all the flavor ban will do is put us out of business, and four of my employees will lose their jobs."

New Hampshire banned indoor vaping last summer.

Gov. Chris Sununu has said he doesn't support banning any vape products. But he thinks raising the smoking age -- and a federal law will raise that to 21 starting this summer -- will help curb teen vaping.