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Bill Weld Rolls Out N.H. Campaign Steering Committee

Sep 10, 2019

GOP Presidential Candidate Bill Weld with his campaign steering committee in Concord
Credit josh rogers/nhpr

Republican Bill Weld rolled out the steering committee for his primary challenge to President Trump Tuesday in Concord.

The former Massachussetts Governor has the backing of some old-line Republicans.

The steering committee will be lead by former Executive Councilor Peter Spaulding,  Betty Tamposi, who worked in the George H.W. Bush administration, and Clara Monier, a former New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority director.

All have been involved in GOP politics for decades.

Weld says he expect to draw support from Republicans who don't like Trump, and from independents and Democrats who register as undeclared.

"They can vote for me in the Republican primary, or Mark Sanford, or Joe Walsh -- that's a vote directly our of Mr. Trump's pocket, and then they can vote for whomever they want in the general, and I'm getting a good response to that argument in this state."

Weld stopped short of predicting a win in New Hampshire, but said voters here can expect to see a lot of him. He cited the deficit, climate change, the changing economy, and the Second Amendment as key issues.