Bill In Response to Wolfeboro Animal Cruelty Case Gets House Hearing

Apr 17, 2019

The Wolfeboro case involved 84 great danes and inspired the N.H. legislation.
Credit Humane Society

New Hampshire lawmakers are still trying to tighten the state's animal cruelty laws in response to the seizure of dozens of Great Danes in Wolfeboro nearly two years ago.

The House Environment and Agriculture Committee held a public hearing Wednesday on a bill that would require an initial court hearing within 14 days of animals being seized. And, those convicted of cruelty would have to pay a $2,000 bond per animal within 14 days or forfeit ownership of the animals.

Republican Sen. Jeb Bradley, of Wolfeboro, said his bill is aimed at expediting the court process so communities aren't on the hook for the cost of caring for animals for months. In the Wolfeboro case, the Humane Society stepped in to cover the more than $2 million cost.


-- Holly Ramer, Associated Press