Bass Snags Bipartisan Endorsement

Oct 3, 2012

The two men who headed the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission, which made recommendation on how to lower the federal deficit and balance the budget, have endorsed Congressman Charlie Bass. 

If you opened up the Concord Monitor, New Hampshire Union-Leader or Nashua Telegraph Wednesday, a full-page ad may have caught your eye.  The headline: “An Open Letter To New Hampshire Voters Who Care About America’s Economic Future…No Matter What Your Political Party.” 

In this open letter, Republican Alan Simpson and Democrat Erskine Bowles endorsed Republican Congressman Charlie Bass’s bid for reelection.  As Bass frequently notes on the stump, he was one of a handful of politicians who supported a budget based on the commission’s work.  In the ad, Simpson and Bowles note their supporters paid a political price. They write, “We need members of Congress who have the guts to ignore these scare tactics and look at the substance of real solutions that will help get our great nation back on track.” 

Bass’s Democratic challenger, Ann McLane Kuster, has criticized him on the campaign trail for voting for both the Simpson-Bowles-inspired budget bill and the Ryan budget—on the same day.