At 'Ask A Trans Person Anything' Event, Panelists Push for N.H. Anti-Discrimination Bill

Jan 12, 2018

Credit Jason Moon for NHPR

It was a packed house at the Teatotaller café in Somersworth as five transgender panelists shared their stories and took questions from an audience.

A crowd gathered in Somersworth on Thursday night for the event that was billed as a chance to ask a transgender person anything.

The panelists fielded questions like ‘what does it mean to be gay and transgender?’ and ‘how did you choose your new name?’

Organizers of the event also urged the crowd to support a bill currently in the legislature that would add gender identity to the state’s existing anti-discrimination laws.

Joelle Ruby Ryan was one of the five panelists.

“I hope that we can go forward and fight for our rights and get the non-discrimination bill passed and really change New Hampshire to be much more like this room and everyone in it, than a less accepting place.”

That bill has its first hearing on January 31st.