Artful Monsters Stopping Traffic In Bethlehem

Sep 4, 2012

Traffic through the North Country on Labor Day was slowed a bit in one town by huge metal monsters.

NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

The movie monsters and Leonardo Da Vinci’s horse stopped a lot of traffic on Route 302 in Bethlehem over the holiday.

The statues are in front of a shop where Gerry Ramback plans to sell arts and crafts from the region – as well as Asia.

They were created by welding, mixing and matching thousands of auto and motorcycle parts.

The statues – all fangs, claws glaring eyes and scary mechanical pieces parts - were made by Eric Jupp, a sculptor working in Thailand.

The monsters are from movies like Predator and Alien, Ramback says.

“That’s a nasty alien. It really is. It scares, some children won’t even walk up to it.”

Andre Kaminski of Worcester, Massachusetts pulled over for a good, long gawk at a sleek and ferocious monster riding a motorcycle.

“It is so different from anything else I ever seen.”

The statues are priced at $5,000.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen