Arrested by ICE in Franconia, Father of Three Challenges Deportation

Apr 25, 2019

A chef in Franconia who's facing deportation has had his case picked up by the ACLU of New Hampshire.


Cornelia Lorentzen runs the cafe where Juan Pu works. A little more than a year ago, Lorentzen says she convinced him and his family to move from Florida to Franconia to work as a chef in her restaurant.  


She says Pu was detained two weeks ago by ICE officers in plain clothes.


"He was celebrating a little free time, taking lunch at a local restaurant in Littleton,” Lorentzen says. “He was walking through the parking lot, and they just took him away."


Pu's wife and three children remain uncertain about what happens next. They say he's originally from Guatemala, and his application for U.S. citizenship was denied.


Lorentzen says it’s been a shock to the small Franconia community and they've started a GoFundMe campaign to cover legal costs.


The ACLU has filed paperwork to get Pu released on bond and are awaiting a court date.