9.24.14: Drug Tourism, Graham Cracker Origin Story, & Why We Make Things

Sep 24, 2014

Ayahuasca Vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) - Hallucinogenic Plants A Golden Guide
Credit Howard G Charing via flickr Creative Commons

If your last vacation took you to a tropical island or a snow capped mountain, you might find the very idea of traveling to another country in order to try native hallucinogens a little bizarre. On today's show we'll talk to a writer who traveled to Peru to investigate the growing trend of 'Drug Tourism' for herself. Also, a craftsman talks about why making things matters. Plus, the origins of graham crackers might have you looking at your afternoon snack a little differently.

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Drug Tourism

  • Writer Christine Sismondo traveled to Peru to experience this growing industry for herself and wrote about it for The Smart Set. And, a quick note to parents and sensitive listeners – we in no way endorse using drugs, but we are going to be hearing a firsthand account of an experience in a place where drugs are legal and part of a long cultural tradition.

The Origins of the Graham Cracker

Why We Make Things and Why It Matters