4.10.14: Science Of Laughing, NH's Psychic Community, Neurocomic & Listener Submissions

Apr 10, 2014

Credit @Doug88888, Gerry Balding, Sarah0s, Adam Cohn, Mark Evans, Ross Pollock, Don LaVange, Giorgio Raffaelli & hey tiffany! via flickr Creative Commons

Today on Word of Mouth - laughing! And why we do it. We're getting science-y with the giggles before moving on to a less-than-scientific community: psychics. Then, the art of the brain takes over with a look at graphic novel that takes place inside the brain. Finally, what happens to digital art, and how do we restore it?

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The Science of Why We Laugh

New Hampshire’s Pyschic Community

  • NHPR’s Sean Hurley samples what’s on offer from New Hampshire’s psychic community.


Digital Art

  • Digital art decays in its own unique fashion. In 2011, Whitney Museum of American Art began the complicated process of restoring Douglas Davis' internet artwork, The World's First Collaborative Sentence. Melena Ryzik joined Virginia to talk about the conservation of the piece.

Monadnock International Film Festival

  • The weekend calls for a bit of sunshine, warmer temps, and some great movies. Word of Mouth gives you a sneak peak of what’s playing at the Monadnock International Film Festival.

Listener Submissions

  • We asked and you delivered: pet sounds, ‘Happy Birthday’ alternatives, and an elevator joke.