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Gov. Sununu's Going Back To Washington, But It's Unclear What For

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Gov. Chris Sununu is heading to Washington on Monday for an undisclosed event at the White House.

The governor’s staff included the visit in his public schedule for the week (with "Attends Event at The White" penciled in at 11 a.m. on Monday), but would not elaborate on the nature of the event when asked for more information. They said the White House would be releasing more details ahead of time, over the weekend.

"The White House will announce the details of the upcoming event this weekend," the governor's office said.

As of late Sunday evening, no further information had been disclosed by either Sununu's office or the Trump administration.

Sununu has made several trips to Washington and the White House as governor. In June, he participated in an "infrastructure summit" hosted by the Trump administration, and the same trip also included meetings with a number of cabinet officials.

In March, Sununu traveled to Washington (without first advising the visit as part of his public schedule) to meet with the state's Congressional delegation and attend a fundraising event for the American Task Force for Lebanon.