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N.H. House To Dig Into State Budget As Deadline Approaches

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

The House Finance Committee will be busy this week with just about two weeks remaining to complete its version of the state’s new two-year budget.

House budget writers will meet for most of the day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to begin crafting their version of the new state spending plan.

Recent revenue estimates leave the House with  $59 million less to work with than Governor Chris Sununu did in drafting his budget proposal. That means the House’s version will likely include less funding for certain agencies or cuts to some of Sununu’s new proposals.

Meanwhile the Senate will have public hearings on two bills. One measure would restrict eligibility for food stamps. This same bill passed the full Senate last week but there’s a new piece now up for debate to create a workforce development pilot program for food stamp recipients.

Another measure seeks to ensure elections that were postponed on Town  Meeting Day last week due to the snowstorm are still valid. If this passes the Governor has said he’d sign it.

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