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North Country
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AMC Proposes A New Hut In The North Country

Chris Jensen for NHPR

For the first time in five decades the Appalachian Mountain Club wants to build a new, year-around hut in the mountains of the North Country.

It would be in the Crawford Notch State Park and could accommodate about 50 hikers, says Paul Cunha, the AMC’s Vice President of Operations.

“It would be a medium-sized hut located up above Ripley Falls and providing wonderful connections to the existing hut system connecting with Zealand and Mizpah.”

It would join eight other huts, the first built in 1888. The last was Mizpah Springs. It opened 50 years ago.

That means there is more demand than room, he says.

“We are basically at capacity right now.”

AMC is asking the state for permission to lease land and build the facility.

Cunha said the hut would also pay the state’s room tax but since it doesn’t serve alcohol it is exempt from the meals tax.

That’s been the policy at other AMC facilities and a sore point with some for-profit businesses.

An AMC report says in 2014 its “tax obligations” in the state totaled almost $478,000 and its “direct economic contributions” to New Hampshire communities were $7.9 million.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Resources and Economic Development said the financial details have yet to be worked out.

The deal would need the approval of the governor and executive council.

Credit Appalachian Mountain Club

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